Senpai IT solutions

Our Mission

Senpai IT Solutions is a fast growing company with an expanding IT development team. We specialize in software, web, and database development, cryptography, corporate design, and Flash animation. We deliver our solutions to small businesses, corporate customers, financial institutions, and government organizations.

Senpai IT Solutions ensures:

  1. Professionalism:
    • In-depth understanding of the client's actual needs
    • Accurate time scheduling for the projects
    • Regular updates/meetings throughout project lifecycle
    • After sales support
  2. Quality:
    • Use of latest technologies ensures optimal solutions for new projects
    • Older systems adapted to conform with modern requirements
  3. Security:
    • Analysis of project security issues and requirements
    • Strong encryption algorithms used for data transmission
    • User accessibility policies
    • High level security where applicable
  4. Scalability:
    • All projects are developed with scalability in mind
  5. Cost:
    • Solutions are designed to suit every client's budget
Dedicated Servers
€69: Quadcore, 8GB RAM, 1500GB
€99: Quadcore, 16GB RAM, 6000GB
€109: Quadcore, 24GB RAM, 1500GB
Security & Cryptography
Attack feasiblisity and security analysis
System security implementation
Remote hands service for your server
Development of web shops
Development of financial software
Development of e-paymet systems
Software Development
Business analysis and CRM systems
Bug fixing and application testing
Development of network protocols
Design & Artwork
Corporate design, print production
Application interfaces design
All kinds of computer graphics
Web Development
Development of web sites and portals
Flash animation and Action Scripting
Development of web services